Haiku/Poetry with photos for my trip to Washington DC

9photos9 haiku with 9 photos of glass items (2019/4/7)


cherry1photos and poetry with Cherry blossoms


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PoetryNOW: 11th Annual Battle of the Bards

20poetsNowI was glad to be one of 20 poets and read my poem for PoetryNOW: The Battle of the Bards at Harbourfront Centre. Thanks to Toronto International Festival of Authors (TIFA) and my publisher: Black Moss Press  (more photos)

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“Undocumented, Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice” now Launching

poetsBookUndocumented Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice Edited by Ronald Riekki, and Andrea Scarpino, Focusing on contemporary issues, this text showcases a large collection of regional poets laureate writing on subjects critical to understanding social justice as it relates to the Great Lakes region. I am glad that my two poems: “Dance of the Old Year, 2016″and “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Smog” were published in this book.

To order a copy, please visit  Michigan State University Press

Thank you all for supporting!

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glad to have new poems in A Canadian Anthology of Poetry 2018 and other magazines

canadianbookGlad to have two of my new poems: Abalone and A Borrowed Story in this Canadian Anthology of Poetry 2018. Thanks for the book editors and judge.

Glad to know that my poems: “Pears” and “Dragon Fruit”will be published in 2019 46# issue of Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine.


  • 生命瓶罐(Life Jar) will be recited at a Chines poetry festival in Toronto to Slide2celebrate Chines New Year.
  • My new Chinese poem: “Spring Festival” (春节) will be published online for Chinese poetry groups.
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2019 Poetry Alive Program| Poets in Schools

poetryalive1poetryalive1poetryAlive-annayin3Poets in the Schools:  


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Anna Yin read her Chinese poem for Chinese Canadian Cultural Exchanging

Anna Yin performed with Mark Harry at Chinese Poetry event for her poem in Chinese in Toronto on Nov 18, 2018 ,thanks to Chinese and Canadian Cultural Exchange Organization and New Power Media TV.

Thanks Frank to record it as well.

Check: (多伦多2018华人原创诗歌朗诵演唱会) reports

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New poems and translations published in USA and China

44819297_10155617124781174_8628937434828111872_n poetryskyMorits-Anna






I was glad that Windsor Review will publish my six poems: “The Life Tree”, ‘The Houseleek”, “Landscape Notes”, “The Burning Ladder”, “How Much I Want You”, and “Mr. Collins Taking off Miss Dickinson’s Clothes” for # 51.2 (Winter 2019). Richard Grove will publish my Canadian Day poem: The Red Maple at “Devour: Art and Lit Canada”. Thank James Dealh for publishing my poem: My Body Is the Flute in Tamaracks in USA.

Further more, Albert Moritz asked me to translate his poems and now my translations with five of hi poems were published on Poetry East West | Chinese-English Bilingual Magazine (China) and Poetry Sky (USA)

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more poems published in TaiWan

epoch196twoPoemsthanks for including two of my new poems (Chinese) for this wonderful poetry magazine The Epoch Poetry Quarterly #196 (more than 60 years ago founded by 洛夫、張默和瘂弦 in Taiwan) (創世紀詩社由台灣現代詩詩人洛夫、張默和瘂弦於1954年發起,詩社成立之後開始出版《創世紀詩刊》

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Congratulations to the 2018 Trillium Book Award winners and finalists



I was honored to attend the Trillium Book Award night, glad to read many fine books of poetry, thrilled to finally meet winners and finalists. Thanks OMDC for inviting me on jury for 2018 Trillium Book Award for Poetry in English. A great learning experience to work with the other two juries: Meaghan Strimas and David.

Thanks Yafang for being my guest to attend the award night and reporting this :

文学之夜 —— 安大略省2018年“延龄草图书奖”( 2018 Trillium Book Award)颁奖典礼

To see photos at the event by Yafang

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Thank you all for “heart haiku” and donation for Ride for Heart

heart1Thank you all for supporting 2018 Manulife Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart on June 3 through my Haiku walking tour for #RideforHeart.  Many heart haiku and photos are posted on Our Stories Co-Creating and Sharing websiteHeart Haiku from Ride for Heart supporters.  Thanks again.




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National Poetry Month is here

PoetryMonthnationaPlease check many poetry events and Poem in Your Pocket (2018) on poets.ca

I was honored to have a poem: “My Accent” to be selected for 2017 Poem in Your Pocket Day program by the Academy of American Poets and the League of Canadian Poets.

Thank Gwen Hart from USA for choosing my poem: Still Life as Poem in Your Pocket Day for her students in college in April, 2018


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Our Stories-co-creating workshops and new website



OurStoriesPosterAfter our final workshop (#9), I created a new website to host all the photos and videos for Our Stories Co-creating and Sharing project…I hope it to be an opening ending, so others can continue creating and sharing their works…Please check recitationroyale.com/en for all the information.

I want to thank all the participants for joining us to express and present their stories through poetic reflection and various arts. I hope that these artistic processes have created a cultural awareness in the wider society. Thank our partners: CPAC, HSK and CCNEWS. Thank Ontario Arts Council for the grant.



The above shape poem: The Red Maple was written to celebrate 2016 Canada Day  in Mississauga. I was glad that the city appointed me for the first Poet Laureate in 2015 and supported many of my poetry projects for the city. Now happily received this from our city and Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

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My honor to have a poem featured in this week’s Poetry Sunday column for Women’s Voices for Change


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“My Father’s Temple” at The Parliamentary Poet Laureate site

My honor to have this poem: My Father’s Temple as the poem of Sept at The Parliamentary Poet Laureate site. Thanks  the 7th Parliamentary Poet Laureate George Elliott Clarke.

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2017 West Chester University Poetry Conference


No. 5 Poetry E-zine introducing six poets from West Chester University Poetry Conference

2017 Poetry Conference Poster1-page-001








2017snapI had a great time at both 2016 and 2017 West Chester University Poetry Conference. It gave me a great opportunity to meet many fine poets. I was happy to translate some works by them into Chinese. I also had fun to host three poetry events at Poetry House for 2017 conference and busy with many events and workshops.  I signed up for Molly Peacock’s workshop and learnt a lot. Thank Sam Gwynn, Molly Peacock, and all of you.

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Thank you teachers for bringing Poets in Schools!

poetryalive1Another great time at Dolphin Public School (Mississauga), Agincourt Collegiate Institute (Toronto) and Francis Libermann School (Toronto) for Poetry Alive workshops.  Thank our wonderful teachers and librarians for bringing poets to schools.

Poetry Alive and Poets In Schools

Poetry Alive and Poets In Schools


at Dolphin Public School for Poetry Alive workshops


at Agincourt Collegiate Institute

The above is a 2-minute video introduction to my Poetry Alive Workshop.  To find out how to apply for funding to bring poets in schools, please check: http://poets.ca/pits/


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Glad to host the 2017 Haiku Canada Conference at UTM


The 2017 Haiku Canada Weekend was successfully held at UTM (University of Toronto, Mississauga campus) May 19-21, 2017. More than 50 haiku poets from across Canada attended this event; there were also poets from Japan and the USA. Most of them have been writing haiku for 20 years or more and many of them have become

day1hcf3laugh1hcf5hcf1hcf2group_25friends because of their mutual passion. They were glad to welcome new haiku lovers and support Anna Yin, first-time attendee and host.

To open the night, Anna showed a special short film about Mississauga which she had prepared to welcome guests to the city. She also invited them to explore the city and write about it during their visit. Next, co-host Nick Avis, a prominent poet from Newfoundland stirred up a thoughtful and dynamic discussion with his presentation: “What is Haiku?” The following member anthology: “Wordless: Haiku Canada 40 Years of Haiku” round robin reading illustrated the beauty of the art of haiku. Jacquie Pearce’s “The Vancouver Haiku Group in Dr. Sun Yat-sen Garden” presented how photo of garden worked with three-line poetry. Later the same night, a Renku party lit up a sleepless night.

The next day, exciting activities continued. These included “anonymous workshops” by nick avis and Terry Ann Carter where heated debates about how and what to edit were engaged in. “Memories of Haiku Canada” by Emiko Miashita of Japan resonated with many member’s recollections. Then individual book launches brought rich cultural heritage and various styles to the meeting.  The banquet for the 40th Haiku Canada birthday party was a great success and filled with shared anecdotes that brought many tears and laughter!

The weekend ended with a book launch of “Erotic Haiku of Skin on Skin” anthology published by Black Moss Press and other dynamic enjoyable activities. After affectionate goodbyes, many poets expressed the desire to attend next year’s conference at Quebec Bishops university.

Photos by Pearl Pirie and more can be viewed (a link of photos). The group photo by Eudoro Unitec. Thank Lynne Jambor for the beautiful name tags, Jessica Tremblay for Old Pond Comic book and many people for your help and support. Looking forward to seeing you again.

You can listento to Pearl Pirie‘s The radio show episode on Haiku Canada Conference 


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Poetry Alive workshops for Leadership Club

Anna has shared poems and personal stories that focus on discovering life lessons about how to overcome language and cultural challenges, make peace in mind and live an enrich life. There were short videos, photos with haiku, shape poems, ice breaking and words game and discussions. So glad to see each of us learns with joy and explores many possibilities.
haiku1 sharingbooksign





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poetry by six Governor General’s Literary Awards winners

tran3No 3 issue for Chinese/English Poetry Zine:  Anna Yin (星子安娜)’s translations of works by six Governor General’s Literary Awards winners (Patricia Kathleen Page, Milton Acorn,George Elliott Clarke, Rosenblatt Joe, Richard Greene, Al Purdy)

No 2:七位海内外诗人双语作品分享

No 1: 七位北美桂冠诗人作品欣赏 (Works by Seven Poets Laureate with translations in Chinese)

No 4: 六位海峡两岸诗人诗作介绍

No 5: 西切斯特大学诗歌大会六位美国诗人作品分享


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